Ancient Bacteria, Archaea Collection Print


This science art print has illustrations of some of the well known ancient bacteria, Archaea, or Archaebacteria. Archaea are initially viewed as ancient bacteria that first arose in extreme environments.

List of Archaea
* Sulfolobus acidocaldarius.
* Methanobrevibacter smithii.
* Thermoplasma volcanium.
* Thermococcus litoralis.
* Korarchaeota.
* Halobacteria. 

High quality Ink & Paper
This high resolution art will be printed on museum quality, heavyweight ultra smooth matte paper with high quality ink, which will last for 100 + years.

Standard frame size prints
This art print is made in standard frame size, so they are ready to hang on your wall with your favorite frame that is easy to find. Frame is not included.

5 x 7 inch (12.7 cm x 17.8 cm), 8 x 10 inch (20.32 cm x 25.4 cm), 11 x 14 inch (28 cm x 35.6 cm), or 12 x 16 inch (30.5 cm x 40.6 cm).